SpaceX Performs Successful Test Flight In Which It 'Blew Up' Another Starship Prototype [Video]

SpaceX announces successful mission


SpaceX's late-night launch test has made significant improvements. A rocket named Starship made a successful landing after rising 10 KM. But the prototype, named SN10, exploded after SpaceX shut down the live broadcast. 

SpaceX, founded by billionaire Elon Musk and aiming to make space tourism, conducted a test launch last night, according to Turkey. Launching a prototype of the Starship spacecraft, which will travel to places such as the moon and Mars, the company offered a visual feast to those living in the US state of Texas.

SpaceX's launched Starship, as always, made a perfect take-off this time. After that, the huge-sized spacecraft, which rose about 10 kilometers, also landed after this ascent. The Starship prototype, which managed to land 6 minutes and 20 seconds after takeoff, made a smooth and successful landing for the first time. But this time, another problem led to the prototype blowing up.

SpaceX announces successful mission

SpaceX announces successful mission

The purpose of the launch, carried out by SpaceX, was to test the Starship's four aerodynamic engines and collect data on the landing. These engines were activated during the rocket's landing, allowing the starship to maneuver, making a calm landing. With the rocket making a successful landing, the test was technically successful. SpaceX even shut down the live broadcast after saying the test had achieved its goal and was successful. But third-party sources who went on the air showed in all their nakedness what happened next.

That's how the prototype, dubbed the SN10, landedSpaceX founder Elon Musk took to Twitter as the landing took place. Musk, who said the SN10 landed in one piece, said a few minutes later, " R.I.P SN10 " (sleep in peace SN10) said. No clear explanation has yet been given as to why the explosion occurred.

Moments when SN10 exploded, reflected on cameras like this

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