Apple Is Said To Be Producing Mixed Reality Equipment With 15 Camera Modules

Apple Is Said To Be Producing Mixed Reality Equipment With 15 Camera Modules


Ming-Chi Kuo explained that Apple is working on a mixed reality equipment. Kuo, who also conveyed the details about this product, which will be of the helmet type, mentioned that this equipment will have exactly 15 camera modules. These modules will be manufactured by Largan Precision, based in Taiwan.

In a news story that we recently shared with you, we mentioned some of the statements made by experienced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In these remarks, Kuo mentioned Apple's virtual and augmented reality equipment. The analyst, who made new remarks on the subject today, gave some insight into Apple's mixed reality equipment. What Kuo was talking about was really confusing.

According to Kuo, the mixed reality equipment Apple is working on will be the kind of product that can be worn on the head. The company will install 15 camera modules in this equipment, the analyst said, noting that 8 of them will be used for augmented reality videos. Kuo says that one module is used to place objects in any scene, while 6 modules are adapted for "innovative biometrics". But what does innovative biometrics mean is currently unknown.

A company that will produce cameras for mixed reality equipment has been announced

According to Kuo, Apple has also identified the company that will produce the cameras for mixed reality equipment. The company is Taiwan-based Largan Precision, which makes camera modules for both Apple's and other tech companies ' smartphones and tablets. Kuo said that the company's future in the United States is risky because it also cooperates with Huawei, stressing that Apple will benefit from this company at the highest possible level.

It is not known exactly what Apple's equipment, which will support Mixed Reality technology, will offer users. In addition, the release date of this product is not clear. But Ming-Chi Kuo's statements show that Apple seriously cares about augmented, virtual and Mixed Reality technologies. If Kuo's statements for two days are true, augmented and virtual reality technologies will be the scene of greater competition in the coming years than ever before.

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